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About Us - Arizona Brown Brothers Catering

Brown Brothers Catering is a new original business since 2004. We have developed many skills and talents from food service experience, wedding planning, and event coordination. We are excited to use all of this experience and knowledge to help those we serve. We invite others to have a wonderful experience and enjoyable time in using our professional services.

Brown Brothers name originated from the ancestry of the Dr. Brown Family in Mesa, Arizona. Maurine Brown, who was a daughter of Dr. Brown, married Elbert Startup and began Startup’s Catering. As a great heritage, we wanted to carry on a legacy of strength, humility, power, and greatness. The business has a history of experience that has its roots connected to many food service businesses. It first started in the late 1800’s selling candy in Utah County as “Startup’s Candy Factory.” In 1933 “Startup’s Catering” was started in Utah as a full service catering company; then moved to Southern California in 1954. The family catering businesses have now expanded out in Southern California, into Utah and Arizona. What a great legacy for us to carry on, and hope that we can make the services that we offer mean something to you and your legacy.